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Planet Fire & Security - Fire Safety Services & Security Systems

Welcome to Planet Fire & Security were we pride ourselves on delivering the highest levels of customer service through our team of experts.

We offer many years of experience in fire safety and security which means you will always receive the best possible guidance, we combine this with offering a tailor made experience to suit the needs of you or your business.

With today's fire safety & security regulations there is a great degree of responsibility put upon the "responsible person" to ensure fire safety, security and a duty of care in the workplace is maintained.

At Planet Fire & Security we want to share that responsibility and ensure that you and your business are kept safe and secure. 

Fire Safety Services

Fire Alarms

We offer a wide range of fire detection and alarm systems to keep everyone in your premises safe, as well as protecting your business assets and property. We design, install and maintain these systems to ensure our clients safety at all times.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers can assist in preventing smaller fires from spreading and causing extensive damage to your business and potentially threaten lives. We offer a wide range of fire extinguisher products and servicing tailored to your requirements.

Fire Risk Assessment

Our fire risk assessments are carried out to the highest standards by our registered and experienced personnel. A full comprehensive report detailing all recommendations and observations along with a full action plan shall be issued upon completion of the assessment.

Fire Safety Training

We can take care of your staff's fire safety awareness training with our comprehensive range of courses. This includes all the legal requirements to keep your workplace safe, such as fire warden training and practical training in using fire extinguishers.

Dry Riser

We can supply and expertly install the dry risers that your building needs. For many buildings they are a legal requirement in order to provide large amounts of water and maintain water pressure to prevent the spread of fire within buildings.

Mist Systems

Water mist is an effective fire suppressant system, this system is particularly suited to industrial and commercial buildings. We can design and install your system and assist in the ongoing maintenance for your peace of mind.

Fire Doors

Compartmentalising your building is an extremely effective way to stop the spread of fire. All the fire doors we install meet regulatory standards to ensure you are not penalised by inspectors, and more importantly the people within the building are kept safe.

Emergency Voice Communication Systems

A two-way communication system to assist mobility impaired people and enhance fire fighters communications during emergencies. We design, install and maintain a wide variety of systems so that you need never worry.

Emergency Lighting

We can find and install the ideal emergency lighting for your workplace after carrying out a thorough assessment. We also take care of ongoing essential testing, maintenance and servicing to ensure your system is functional and compliant.

PAVA Systems

An essential part of a safe workplace, these systems of sounders and bells serve as warnings to occupants in emergency situations. We can install, repair and maintain a wide and varied range of systems from the simplest to the most complex.

Security Services

Access Control System

Access control systems provide security to premises by allowing flexible control over who is able to get into the building and at what times. Learn more

Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms play an important role in the security of any business. There are variety of systems that can be put in place and our team can tailor a solution to your requirements.


A well installed CCTV system can prove an invaluable security measure for any business. Our security experts can find the perfect solution for your premises.

Nurse Call System

Nurse call systems are designed to help elderly or disabled people who are at risk of falling or injuring themselves to live independently. Our team can help you find the perfect solution.