Workplace Safety With Fire Doors


Fire doors are used within buildings to compartmentalise it so as to delay the spread of fire from one room or area to another. What a good fire door will do is delay the spread of fire in a building in the event this occurs, whilst also not serving as to much of a hindrance to the flow of traffic around a building during a normal day. Every fire door is required to act as a barrier to the passage of smoke and/or fire to varying degrees depending on its location within the building and the fire hazards that are associated with that building. In order to function legally businesses need to meet regulatory standards for fire doors in their premises, it is very important that they get this right so that they are not penalised, and so that their premises and most importantly the people within them are safe.

Fire Door Install & Maintenance

At Planet Fire & Security we can source and install the fire doors that are suitable for your premises, taking care to identify what fits with the type of property it is and what sort of materials or substances are inside. We can also take care of all your fire door maintenance needs as for all businesses there is a requirement in law that fire doors undergo a system of maintenance and kept in an efficient state, in working order and in good repair. Deviation from this can result in prosecution, expensive fines, and in severe cases imprisonment. Our team can deliver a fire door maintenance service that will give you a full thorough report on all your fire doors to ensure full compliance.

Experience & Quality Work

With all work we undertake we ensure the highest quality is maintained as we take immense pride in our work and the reputation that such good work results in. Because we have such an experienced and knowledgeable team we can ensure these standards are maintained and that no job is out-with their abilities and previous experience. With every piece of work we hope to grow our burgeoning reputation and continue to exceed expectations.