Fire Dry Riser / Fire Hydrants

Lack of access to water mains can be a common problem for firefighters when they arrive at premises that are on fire. This is a particular problem for multi-storey buildings, including apartment blocks, tall housing and office buildings.

Another problem for the fire service can be low mains pressure at the point of connection. Having a dry riser installed can address these problems as it provides ready access to water on every floor of a building and provides high water pressure on every floor of a building.

Quality Dry Riser and fire hydrant Installation

We at Planet Fire & Security can provide you with the dry risers that your building requires, our experienced and professional team can expertly install them with a guarantee on quality workmanship. Having Dry Risers is a requirement for many buildings and this with good reason, the dry riser provides a readily available means of providing considerable quantities of water to stop fire spreading. This is done through pipes and valves that are fitted in fireproof enclosures within the building, outlets are fitted at ground floor level to allow the fire brigade to connect to the water supply.

Experienced & Friendly team

If you have us carry out the installation or maintenance of your dry riser you can expect work of the highest quality from a professional and friendly team. Quality is at the heart of everything we do, the pride we take in a job well done is what has led to our great reputation in our sector. Please contact us today for more information from our friendly team.