Fire Mist Systems - Suppressing Fire in the Workplace


A fire mist system is an extremely efficient fire-fighting method. This system differs from more traditional water-based systems as its droplets size is drastically reduced. When the droplet is vaporised it expands greatly, this allows the same amount of water to absorb heat more quickly and more efficiently.

Fires are smothered by this mist that quickly turns to steam as it prevents further oxygen from reaching it, as well as this it of course has a cooling effect.

Fire mist systems are particularly suited to industrial and commercial premises that require effective fire suppression systems.

Mist System Installation & Maintenance

We at Planet Fire & Security we install your complete fire mist system on your premises, clearly designing and mapping out exactly where the sprinklers are to be placed. We can also take care of all your system maintenance if required, as well as giving you a full run-down on how the system operates so you are clear on how it will function.

Commitment to Quality

With all the work we undertake we make sure the highest quality is maintained as we take immense pride in our work and the reputation that such good work results in. Because we have such an experienced and knowledgeable team we can ensure these high standards are maintained and that no job is out-with their abilities and previous experience.