Fire Safety Training

A Workplace Requirement

It is a legal requirement for staff to have an adequate level of fire safety awareness training from when they are first employed and repeated periodically where appropriate. This fire training should include sufficient instruction on the necessary precautions and action that staff should take in order to safeguard themselves and others in the workplace.

When it comes to fire, it is an event we never want to see, but always want to be prepared for. Having a well drilled and trained workplace where everyone is aware of the safety precautions they should be taking and how to act if there ever is a fire can not only prevent a bad situation becoming much worse, but can also save lives.

What can you expect from us?

At Planet Fire & Security we offer a comprehensive range of courses and qualifications including fire marshal training and practical extinguisher training.

We will first address what everyone in the workplace's roles and responsibility's are to prevent or reduce the risk of a fire on the premises, this includes information on the main causes of fires and what good housekeeping should be undertook to reduce the risk of fire breaking out.

As well as this we will of course make sure everyone is clear on what action to take if a fire does occur, this includes what to do upon discovering a fire, how to raise the alarm effectively, what to do upon hearing the fire alarm go off, who takes responsibility for calling the emergency services, where fire exits and escape routes are, where fire extinguishers are located, and how best to make sure disabled people can evacuate quickly and safely.

Our goal is to provide you with the best and clearest training available so that you and everyone you work with can operate in a safe environment, content in the knowledge that you are all equally well-prepared in the event of a fire, as well as constantly monitoring potential dangers and taking preventative measures that make it less likely a fire will occur.