CCTV is a system that transmits signals over a closed circuit using electrical conductors, fibre optics or a wireless network. CCTV can be used to monitor areas from a remote location and can playback recorded content at a later time if necessary. There is a wide variety of security cameras available. Some of these are large and clear to see, often as a deterrent to potential criminals, while others are much smaller, often small enough to be hidden.

It is important to ask yourself what purpose your CCTV cameras will serve and what types of cameras would work best for you. Our team at Planet Fire Ltd are extremely knowledgable and happy to talk you through what will work best for your business.


A well installed CCTV system can prove an invaluable security measure for any business. First of all, prominent CCTV cameras serve as an initial deterrent to any criminals looking to break in to your premises. The mere presence of these cameras can drastically reduce the likelihood that a criminal will try to enter a premises illegally.

The use of CCTV can also save you and your business money as it reduces the requirement for manned guarding on your premises as a smaller security team can manage your premises if they can use CCTV technology.

The feeling of safety and security that a prominent CCTV system brings to staff, customers and visitors to a premises cannot be underestimated. They understand that a business that uses CCTV takes security seriously and the premises is likely to be a lot safer for them. CCTV reduces the chances of an assault taking place on the premises, and reduces the likelihood of unscrupulous insurance claims being made as the evidence is easily found on the recorded CCTV footage.