Fire Extinguishers

We have all seen in the newspapers and on the television what a fire can do if it breaks out and even when you have carried out your assessment to reduce all the risks mistakes and malfunctions still happen. This is where you're portable and fixed fire fighting equipment comes into play.

Well selected fire extinguishers ensure you can stop small fires from destroying your business or further still they can play a big part in aiding you to escape from a fire.

Fire Extinguisher Supply and Installation From Planet Fire & Security

In the event of a fire, you can have peace of mind that you will have the best quality of extinguisher should you ever be faced with any sort of fire problem.

Your business can rest assured that we will expertly install high quality fire extinguishers from leading manufacturers, ensuring the most suitable installation for your business.

With so many ways of containing a fire from a simple fire extinguisher to a gas suppression system it is hard to decide what is best for you, here at Planet Fire & Security we offer a free site survey to help you determine your needs.

We offer a wide variety of ways of containing fires and a range of service plans to ensure that when you need your equipment you can be sure it works.


The first stage with fire extinguishers is to carry out a full site observation to identify specific fire risks in order to give the correct advice.

Whether your business needs new installation, modification or extension to an existing building, Planet Fire & Security are able to help.

Commissioning &  Installation

Commissioning of portable fire extinguishers is a requirement of British Standards, our fire safety specialists will commission all equipment prior to installation.

Following your installation, we will provide a complete asset register, which includes equipment type and new/test dates.

We have a range of complimentary fire extinguisher products available including stands and trolleys.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Once your new equipment is commissioned and installed we offer a range of fire extinguisher maintenance packages to suit you. All fire extinguisher services performed are carried out in accordance with the relevant British Codes of Practice by fully trained and competent technicians.

In addition, we are able to service, test and maintain your equipment annually or more regularly if required.  

Fire extinguishers require acrimonious maintenance to ensure they will work when needed and more importantly are safe. Fire extinguishers are highly pressurised and can explode when corroded or damaged and in some cases have been know to cause serious injury and even death. Thus, it is vital to keep the maintenance of fire extinguishers regular and to be up to date with compliance.