Emergency Voice Communication Systems


Building Regulations in the UK require that all new buildings used for non-domestic purposes that are more than one-storey high have 'refuge' areas. These areas are relatively safe spaces where mobility impaired people who cannot easily use the evacuation lifts and fire escapes can make a call for assistance and await help. What is essential in these areas is simple two-way communication so that rescue crews can determine where assistance is needed as well as to provide reassurance to those people who are at the refuge point that help is on the way.

What we can do

Planet Fire & Security can source and install your disabled refuge system for you, taking care of the entire process from the outset to completion. As well as this we offer a comprehensive maintenance service for all systems that we install, all our work is carried out by highly skilled and experienced engineers. As disabled refuge systems are life safety systems it is extremely important that they work when required, whether this is during a fire or some other emergency. We can provide the regular maintenance and testing that keeps them in a fully functioning condition.

Quality Work

We always maintain the highest standards in our work at Planet Fire & Security, whether we are undertaking a full install of a disabled refuge system or taking care of a few small repairs, we take pride in a job well done and satisfied customers. We have an excellent qualified team that is both knowledgeable and holds a wealth of experience in this area of work, whatever the job they are presented with they can meet it head on equipped with the skills to carry out such a great job that has led to our burgeoning reputation.