The Importance of Fire Safety Training

Knowing how to act in the event of a fire is an important skill for your employees to have. The actions of any one person are likely to impact others around them. Fire safety training is about making sure everyone knows what to do in an emergency. Not only is it a smart choice, it is also the law.

Here’s what you need to know about basic fire safety training.

What do my employees need to know about fire safety?

Fire safety training should cover everything from preventing fires and following correct procedure, to how to stay safe and escape in the event of a blaze. Obviously, the best scenario is for your employees to never experience a fire, and this starts with being aware of fire prevention. Educating staff regarding best practices keeps your premises, your business, and everyone inside it safe.

You should have an emergency plan in place to cover what needs to happen in the event of a fire. A training programme can cover how to respond in the event of fire alarms, and where the safety assembly point is. Employees should know not only where they are meant to go, but the safest routes they can take. Make sure everyone knows how to operate exit devices, such as fire doors.

It is beneficial to give people a basic knowledge of operating fire extinguishers and other ways of preventing a blaze from spreading further. Part of the fire safety training will include identifying when it is safe to attempt to tackle flames rather than evacuating. You may wish to select specific employees to receive advanced training on fire-fighting, as well as other emergency tasks such as shutting down dangerous equipment and ensuring everyone has left the premises.

When do I need to train my employees?

Fire safety training is something that should be continuous in order to keep everyone up to date and safe. Existing staff should be given regular refresher courses so that they don’t forget the information. New members of staff should also be trained. This includes people who have been transferred from another building or site – you don’t want anyone in your business to be without this training.

When something changes that affects the fire safety risks in your building, you need to train your staff to keep them up to date. There could be increased risks, you may change your assembly point or emergency plans, or get new fire-fighting equipment. If something happens in your business that leaves people open to making mistakes due to ignorance, you need to refresh and update their knowledge.

Keep your business safe with fire safety training

Fire safety training helps to protect your business. It ensures everyone knows how to act safely, reducing the risk of injury or loss of life in the event of a blaze. Basic fire-fighting techniques can also help to prevent small fires from becoming big emergencies.

Fire can have serious consequences for your business. Click here to learn more about our fire safety training or contact us today.