Fire Risk Assessment – A Quick Guide

Fire is a disaster that everyone dreads, it threatens property and most importantly it threaten lives. In order to protect the public it’s against the law for any company not to follow fire safety regulations. You have to ensure that your company is fully compliant, and you have to carry out a regular fire risk assessment by law. If your company isn’t compliant, according to HM Government, you could go to prison and/or face stringent fines.

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

First of all your company should appoint a responsible person to act as head of health and safety and they will be responsible for ensuring that a regular fire risk assessment takes place. This person will work with the company owner or CEO in order to ensure that all members of staff and visitors are safe at all times once they are within your building.

During the course of a fire risk assessment, all fire hazards will be identified, all fire exits will be checked to ensure that they are marked clearly and can be easily opened, disabled access and entry points will be highlighted and the needs of the sick and vulnerable will also be taken into account. Fire extinguishers and alarms will also be checked. A fire risk assessment will evaluate the worst possible scenario and make sure that everyone can evacuate the building safely in the event of a fire.

The Importance of Insurance

If you don’t carry out a regular fire risk assessment, you won’t just be breaking the law. Any insurance that your company has in place will also be null and void. You should also be able to show any external fire officers and health and safety officials that you have written evidence of a fire safety plan, as well as a record of all of your findings following a fire risk assessment.

The local fire and rescue authorities have the powers to carry out spot inspections, and if they’re not satisfied that your building is safe, or you haven’t carried out a proper fire risk assessment, then they can issue a fire safety notice.

Who Carries Out a Fire Risk Assessment?

In theory the person responsible for your company’s health and safety can carry out the fire risk assessment. In practice, it’s best to leave this job to the professionals. We are aware of all aspects of fire safety, and we are also fully up to date with all legal requirements.

Safety is our job, and we may well notice issues that the responsible person isn’t aware of. The government recommends that ‘if you don’t have the expertise or time to do the fire risk assessment’…you should use a ‘professional risk assessor.’

Planet Fire are Professionals

Kettering hospital and Oxford University Press are among our clients at Planet Fire, so we have a proven track record for our expertise. Whatever your business, if you value the safety of your workers, clients and visitors, and want to remain within the law, then get in contact, and we’ll carry out your fire risk assessment to the highest possible standards. If we see any problems with your fire safety protocols, we’ll be able to recommend changes in order to ensure that you are compliant and safe in the event of a fire.