A Guide to Fire Alarm Systems

If you’re thinking of having a fire alarm system installed in your property, it requires a good deal of thought before you commission someone to install it. You need to make sure the people installing it are competent, and that they have the required credentials that say they are properly qualified to handle a fire alarm system.

Making Sure Fire Alarm Systems are Installed Correctly

In this post we’re going to go through some basics, so you have all the information you need to get your fire alarm system installed properly.

Commercial Fire Alarm System Installation

You can’t get just anyone to install your fire alarm system, it must be someone qualified, trained and competent enough to do it. This is a complex job and requires a good understanding of what is required. If you get it wrong, then it could cost lives as well as building damage and significant financial loss.

Your fire alarm system must comply with two important British Standards. The first one is BS5839. The second one is the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations BS7671. Whoever it is that’s in charge with hiring someone in to install it is responsible for making sure the contractors meet these standards. The installation engineer must make sure that the alarm system he/she installs is fitted by following the designs.

Fire Alarm Systems Design

Whoever is fitting your fire alarms must be qualified and must have received training in fire alarm design. If the fire alarm system isn’t designed properly, then there’s the very real possibility that the system won’t comply with the British Standards we’ve mentioned above. Without proper training lives are at risk, so choose carefully.

As well as fire alarm system installation and design, another important factor in fitting your alarm system is making sure that you have someone commissioned to check it’s safe and complies with the British Standard.

The Commissioner

The person who does this will be commissioned to check the design specifications and drawings and to make sure the fire alarm system complies with BS5839. He/She will then test all devices, the sounders and detectors. The goal is to make sure that all aspects of the installation is in full working condition.

Its bad news if the commissioner finds problems and errors, and if this is the case, he will give you a list of what needs to be done to rectify the problem before he carries out another test. As a result, on this occasion, you will not receive a certificate.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

As you can imagine, your fire alarm system will need regular checks and maintenance. Whoever does this must be competent enough to carry out the job. It should be maintained in accordance with BS5839-1 or 6. You should also make sure it’s maintained every 6 months. If your building is a high risk area, it might be necessary to do this more often. Keep in mind that anyone who carries out maintenance on your fire alarm system must have fire alarm maintenance training that is recognised by an official body.

Planet Fire – Talk to Us About Your Fire Alarm Systems

Now you have the bare essentials, you’ll need to choose your type of fire alarm, make sure you speak to people who are competently trained and qualified before you do anything. If you have any queries or questions you need answers to, then get in touch with us here at Planet Fire, we’ll be happy to help.